Members of the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee

The committee is comprised of a maximum of 35 members, elected every four years on the Democratic presidential primary ballot. Associate members are nominated by the membership. Current members are listed below. The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee also holds caucuses to elect delegates to state party conventions.

The Committee is accepting applications for new members. Please use the Contact link above to inquire or feel free to come to the next meeting. Click here for membership application

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    Chairman, Kevin J. Doyle
    Vice Chair. Joseph H. Kaplan, (State Committeeman, Ex-Officio) and Deb Snyder
    Secretary, Mary Kate Flynn
    Treasurer, Lisa Dye
    Affirmative Action/Outreach Officer, Debra Britt

Elected Members (as of 9/1/2016)

    Lou Andrews
    Jennifer Bazinet
    Jim Bazinet
    Kathy Betts
    Antonia Blinn
    Hugh Boyd
    Debra Britt (Outreach Officer)
    David Centrella
    Robert Cohen
    Jackie Curtis
    Frank DelVecchio
    Karen Doyle
    Kevin Doyle (Chair)
    Lisa Dye (Treasurer)
    Sally Fehervari
    Mary Kate Flynn (Secretary)
    Sharon Friedman

    Sue Gillis
    Stephen Harris
    Austin Horowitz
    Dana Hourigan
    John Kefalas
    Chris Keller
    Michael Lammers
    David Martin
    Tyler Putnam
    Brendan Roche
    Martha Rothchild
    Malcolm Smith
    Deb Snyder (Vice-Chair))
    Jean Southard
    Junior Tatis
    Debra Tatum
    Randall Tatum (DSC)
    Michael Trowbridge

Life-tenured Members

    Bruce E. Pilz
    Annette L. Shaw
    Francis X. Shaw
    Joe Kaplan

State Committee

  • Joseph Kaplan

Associate Members

    Dan Cavicchi
    Keitha Connor
    Josh Cotton
    Lee DeRosa
    David Hunter
    Nancy Madonna
    Lisa Piscatelli
    Charles Ross
    Christian Roulleau
    William Snyder
    Gary Tajchman
    Michael Walsh

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